Gramma's Walk by Anna Grossnickle Hines

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Donnie and Gramma, who is in a wheelchair, take an imagined walk to the seashore and smell the salty breeze, walk barefoot on the warm sand, observe animals, and build a sand castle.

Donnie's Gramma gets around in a wheelchair, but through the magic of imagination, the two of them walk to the beach, listen, feel, and smell the sea; identify prints in the sand; and admire the wildlife. No big deal is made of Gramma's condition, nor is the reason for it given; what comes through is total acceptance and intergenerational love. A warm and wonderful story for helping children understand aging... -- School Library Journal "1994"

Donnie and his grandmother, who is in a wheelchair, take an imaginary walk on the beach. Realistic, softly colored watercolor and pencil illustrations juxtapose the dreamers and their vivid imaginings on opposing pages, effectively creating a warm, loving experience for the boy and Gramma. -- Horn Book "1994"

Gramma doesn't really walk now; she's in a wheelchair. But she and Donnie have a splendid game: he chooses where he'd like to explore--today, it's the seashore--and they talk about it together, in loving detail rendered in the full-bleed recto art. It's a simple idea developed with special imagination and care--and the warmly affectionate illustrations of the pair bringing their shared experience to life are especially nice. -- Kirkus Reviews "1993"

With a combination of storytelling and imaginative play, a boy and his Gramma pretend they're walking together at the seashore. She's in a wheelchair; his head is in her lap; together they take a walk where they have been before and make it new. The intimacy and shared adventure has the appeal of stories and games done over and over. -- ALA Booklist "1993"

Target Age: 2-5

Purple House Press

Pub Date: February 20, 2016

0.4" H x 8.1" L x 9.9" W

32 pages