Gather: Exploring the Wonder, Wisdom & Worship of Learning at Home by Pam Barnhill & Heather Tully

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Is there a way to make homeschooling more joyful?

Homeschooling is hard. Laundry piles high on the couch, the toddler empties the bookshelves onto the dining room floor, and in the midst of it all, your thirteen-year-old bursts into tears over the writing assignment yet again. You ask yourself, Is this even worth it?

Oh mama, it is.

Gather: Exploring the Wonder, Wisdom, & Worship of Learning at Home takes you inside the world of nine homeschooling families through the stunning photography of Heather Tully. You will see for yourself that learning by gathering together is the key to efficient homeschooling. Families build relationships, share discoveries, experience joy and wonder, and model lifelong learning.

Authors Heather Tully and Pam Barnhill of Your Morning Basket share their own stories along with inspiration, encouragement, and pages of practical advice to help you make whole-family learning viable in your own homeschool.

You kept them home so you could enjoy their childhood. Don’t miss the chance to share in their education every day.

Let’s gather.

Spotted Dog Press/Pam Barnhill Media, LLC

Pub Date: May 2022

11 × 8 × 1 cm

133 pages