Garden Fairy Alphabet Dover Coloring Book

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Children will love coloring these delightful renderings of fairies frolicking in a rich garden of beautiful flowers. As they do, they'll also learn to recognize and identify a host of familiar flowers: azalea, bluebells, columbine, daisies, foxglove, lilacs, nasturtiums, tulips, and others. Exquisitely drawn by illustrator Darcy May, the images feature a troupe of enchanting young sprites in a variety of carefree poses--snuggled among the petals of a blossom, relishing the scent of a lilac, swinging from a vine, and more. To help build and reinforce alphabet skills, each illustration incorporates the first letter of the flower's name. 

Table of Contents:
Azalea Fairy
Bluebell Fairy
Columbine Fairy
Daisy Fairy
Edelweiss Faiy
Foxglove Fairy
Gladiolus Fairy
Honeysuckle Fairy
Iris Fairy
Jonquil Fairy
Knapweed Fairy
Lilac Fairy
Morning Glory Fairy
Nasturtium Fairy
Oleander Fairy
Pansy Fairies
Queen Anne's Lace Fairy
Rose Fairies
Snowdrop Fairy
Tulip Fairies
Unicorn Plant Flower Fairy
Violet Fairy
Wisteria Fairy
Xeranthemum Fairy
Yarrow Fairy
Zinnia Fairy

Darcy May was born in Redondo Beach, California, and traveled east with her family as her father's career in art flourished. Now an award-winning professional herself, she has created paintings for a number of private collections and illustrated many books for Dover and other major publishers.

Target Age: 3 to 14

Dover Publications

Pub Date: September 13, 1996

0.13" H x 11.08" L x 7.96" W

32 pages