Freshwater Pond Dover Coloring Book

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Ponds are quiet, shallow freshwater expanses that are home to a vast and intriguing variety of plants and animals. This attractive and information-packed coloring book -- a perfect learning tool for young ecologists -- provides detailed, accurate depictions of denizens of various freshwater pond environments.

Carefully researched and skillfully rendered by nature artist Annika Bernhard are 45 illustrations of aspects of a beaver pond, a meadow pond, a bog pond, and other freshwater habitats. These ponds provide shelter and nourishment for a painted turtle, yellow pondlilies, white-tailed deer, whirligig beetles, a giant water bug, tadpoles, a muskrat, a great blue heron, and many other forms of wildlife and vegetation.
Fact-filled descriptive captions identify the plants and animals in a fascinating collection sure to delight nature lovers and colorists.

Target Age: 8-14

Dover Publications

Pub Date: May 19, 2000

0.16" H x 10.98" L x 8.18" W

48 pages