Freshwater Fishes of Northeast (Folding Guides)

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These laminated, fold-up identification guides-- FoldingGuides-- speak for themselves. Written and illustrated by local experts who know their stuff, waterproof and indestructible, they're the perfect choice for beginners and intermediates who want to know what they'll encounter in their particular locale.

54 species commonly found in both warm and coldwater lakes and streams.

Includes preferred bait and edibility index for each species, as well as detailed text prepared just for the new england angler.

Classic illustrations by Ellen Edmondson and Hugh Chrisp commissioned by the New York State Dept. of Conservation Species selection and text by Dr. Robert Werner, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at Suny.

Indestructible waterproof lamination.

Instant access to just what you need to know.

Perfect for boat or tackle box

Earth Sky + Water

Pub Date: May 31, 2005

0.16" H x 9.04" L x 4.29" W

Laminated Folding Field Guide