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Turn your bedroom into an idyllic spring meadow or summer field with Safari's Flowers Toob.  This Toob includes a Rose, Tulip, Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise, Daffodil, Sunflower, Lotus, and an Orchid.  Wherever you decide to put them, you'll have a sprawling garden in no time!

History: Flowers are one of the most important symbols used around the world by almost every culture. They can be used to represent birth, peace, marriage, grieving, as a gift or a symbol of remembrance, as a token of love, for worship, or even as decorations around the home. While they may not appear so at first glance, flowers are an important part of bringing people and societies together, and their image is one that transcends language and cultural barriers.

Characteristics: Not everybody has a green thumb, and may need a little help when it comes to botany. These figurines are beautifully hand-painted with true to life detail, and once you plant them they'll never wilt or lose their color!

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