Feelings in a Flash Emotional Intelligence Flashcards

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Emotional Intelligence Builds Confidence!

Who says kids shouldn't talk about feelings? A growing brain can be a wild place! Teaching your child to identify, understand, and deal with their emotions at a young age builds a foundation of confidence and self-awareness that will benefit them for a lifetime. Feelings in a Flash offers several easy and fun flashcard-based games and learning activities to encourage children to openly discuss and reflect upon their feelings.

Why You'll Love It:

Teaching children a strong, nuanced vocabulary of Feeling words at a young age provides them with the tools necessary to properly label and express feelings. This set of one hundred 2.5 x 3.5" flashcards includes 50 open-ended cards scenario cards and 50 emotion face cards with suggested coping strategies listed on each back! Perfect for counselors, teachers, and parents---there are endless ways to use these cards!

Guided learning activities are included inside on the instructions for fun games like Emotional Apples, Feelings Charades, Match in a Flash, Storytelling, Sorting and Categorizing, How I'm Feeling, and Face Reading.  

Excellent tool for families and counselors to teach children how to properly label and express feelings through a strong, nuanced vocabulary at a young age.  

50 Emotions and Coping Strategies.  50 Open-ended Family and School Scenes. Helps develop self-regulation, social and self-awareness, coping skills, relationship management, and empathy.  Exceptional teaching aid for children with behavioral and Autism Spectrum disorders.