Fairy & Folk Tales of Ireland: Slip-Cased Edition, W.B. Yeats

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One of Ireland's greatest writers, the Nobel-prize winner W. B. Yeats, was fascinated by the myths and folklore of his native country. Compiled by Yeats in 1892, these stories were collected around the country by a variety of historians, including Lady Wilde, the mother of Oscar Wilde.


Within these pages, you'll discover tales of greedy sons who get their comeuppance, canny priests, evil witches and demons alongside legends of heroic kings, giants and, of course, the good folk themselves - the fairies, the leprechauns and the cluricauns. These are yarns that have passed down through generations and which are still as entertaining and magical as when they were first recalled.


This gorgeous foil-stamped edition includes enchanting illustrations and is presented in a handsome slipcase.


Written between 500 BCE and 700 CE, these seven texts have inspired generals for millennia, both in China and the wider world. Featuring Sun Tzu's The Art of War, this new translation brings to light the military masterpieces of ancient China. These seven texts display an understanding of strategy and warfare still relevant more than 2,000 years after they were originally written. Together, they present a uniquely eastern tradition of warfare that emphasizes speed, stealth, and cunning.


This collection includes seven of the most famous military texts of ancient China: The Art of WarWuziWei LiaoziTaigong's Six Secret TeachingsThe Methods of the SimaThree Strategies of Huang Shigong, and Questions and Replies Between Emperor Taizong of Tang and General Li Jing.


These new translations bring to light several texts that display an understanding of strategy and warfare that still has relevance millennia after their original publication. From the 11th-century AD onward, these texts became required reading for Chinese military officers.


ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Slipcased Classics are beautiful foil-stamped gift editions of classic works of literature, presented in a slipcase and decorated with delightful illustrations.

Table of Contents:



The Fairies
Frank Martin and the Fairies
The Priest's Supper
The Fairy Well of Lagnanay
Teig O'Kane and the Corpse
Paddy Corcoran's Wife
Cusheen Loo
The White Trout; A Legend of Cong
The Fairy Thorn
The Legend of Knockgrafton
A Donegal Fairy


The Brewery of Egg-shells
The Fairy Nurse
Jamie Freel and the Young Lady
The Stolen Child


The Soul Cages
Flory Cantillon's Funeral


Lepracaun, Cluricaun, Far Darrig
i) The Lepracaun; or Fairy Shoemaker
ii) Master and Man
iii) Far Darrig in Donegal
The Pooka
i) The Piper and the Puca
ii) Daniel O' Rourke
iii) The Kildare Pooka
The Banshee
i) How Thomas Connolly Met the Banshee
ii) A Lamentation for the Death of Sir Maurice Fitzgerald
iii) The Banshee of the Mac Carthys


A Dream
Grace Connor
A Legend of Tyrone
The Black Lamb
Song of the Ghost
The Radiant Boy
The Fate of Frank M'Kenna


Bewitched Butter (Donegal)
A Queen's County Witch
The Witch Hare
Bewitched Butter (Donegal)
The Horned Woman
The Witches' Excursion
The Confessions of Tom Bourke
The Pudding Bewitched


The Legend of O'Donoghue
Loughleagh (Lake of Healing)
Hy-Brasail - The Isle of the Beast
The Phantom Isle


The Priest's Soul
The Priest of Coloony
The Story of the Little Bird
Conversion of King Laoghaire's Daughters
King O'Toole and his Goose


The Demon Cat
The Long Spoon
The Countless Kathleen O'Shea
The Three Wishes


The Giant's Stairs
A Legend of Knockmany


The Twelve Wild Geese
The Lazy Beauty and her Aunts
The Haughty Princess
The Enchantment of Gearoidh Iarla
Munachar and Manachar
Donald and his Neighbours
The Jackdaw
The Story of Conn-eda


1.6" H x 9.8" L x 7.7" W (
384 pages