Fabre's Book of Insects by Jean Henri Fabre

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This volume, based on translations of Fabre's "Souvenirs Entomologiques, " blends folklore and mythology with factual explanation. Fabre's absorbing account of the scarab beetle's existence, for example, begins with the ancient Egyptians' symbolic view of this busy creature, eventually leading to a careful discussion of its characteristic method of rolling a carefully sculpted ball of food to its den. Elsewhere, he discusses with infectious enthusiasm the physiologic secrets behind the luminosity of fireflies, the musical talents of the locust, the comfortable home of the field cricket, and the cannibalism of the pious-looking praying mantis, among other topics.

Dover Publications

Reprint from 1921

Table of Contents:

Publisher's Note
I My Work and My Workshop
II The Sacred Beetle
III The Cicada
IV The Praying Mantis
V The Glow-Worm
VI A Mason-Wasp
VII The Psyches
VIII The Self-Denial of the Spanish Copris
IX Two Strange Grasshoppers
X Common Wasps
XI The Adventures of a Grub
XII The Cricket
XIII The Sisyphus
XIV The Capricorn
XV Locusts
XVI The Anthrax Fly

Dover Publications

Pub Date: February 06, 1998

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192 pages