Exotic Butterflies and Moths Coloring Book

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This collection of finely detailed, accurately rendered illustrations by nature artist Ruth Soffer depicts 29 species of lepidoptera, among them the sheep moth, the painted lady, blue morpho butterflies, the malachite butterfly, the rare birdwing butterfly (found only in southeast Asia), and the western tiger swallowtail.
Captions provide information on areas inhabited by these winged beauties and types of flowers to which they are attracted. Among the most delicate and beautiful creatures of nature, butterflies and moths offer colorists a special challenge -- and hours of coloring enjoyment.

In addition to illustrating books for Dover, Ruth Soffer has also done work for other major publishing houses. An artist specializing in natural science subjects, she lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Table of Contents:

Banded Peacock
Banded Purple
Blue Morpho
Blue Pansy
Bronze Copper
Cairns Birdwing
Cynthia Moth
Io Moth
Juniper Hairstreak
Little Metalmark
Luna Moth
Milbert's Tortoiseshell
Painted Lady
Pearl Crescent or Pearly Crescentspot
Polyphemus Moth
Red Lacewing
Red-Spotted Purple
Sheep Moth
Thistle Butterfly
Tiger Moth
Underwing Moth
Western Tiger Swallowtail
White Admiral
Zebra Longwing
Zephyr Anglewing


Dover Coloring Book

0.16" H x 11.14" L x 8.16" W 

32 pages