Evie and the Strawberry Surprise (Evie the Strawberry Fairy #3)

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Evie is a determined, ingenious and bright little Strawberry Fairy who lives in an old teapot. Join Evie and her friends, the flower fairies and creatures of Wildberry Acres, on their magical adventures in this third book in the Evie the Strawberry Fairy series.

Something strange is happening in Wildberry Acres: Evie has lost her magic wand, her strawberries have turned bright blue, and strange noises have been heard coming from Berry Woods. Her friends blame the scary creature who has just moved there, but they're in for a surprise... Can Evie find out the truth and make a new friend at the same time?

Evie's adventures will teach young children about courage and curiosity as she and her friends learn not to be afraid of those who are different. Stefanie Dahle's illustrations are delightfully detailed and full of character and fun.


'A home-and-away story without the homecoming resolution typical to children's stories, which enhances rather than undermines its charm. Sweet.'
- Kirkus Reviews

'I could see slowly reading this book with a young child so they can notice all the illustrations that enrich the text.'
- Youth Services Book Review


Stefanie Dahle is a bestselling children's author and illustrator. She is well-known in her native Germany, where her books, which include the Evie the Strawberry Fairy series, have sold over half a million copies. She lives in Luneburg Heath in northern Germany.

ages: 3-7

Floris Books

Pub Date: April 06, 2021

0.3" H x 11.2" L x 8.7" W

32 pages