Chanticleer and the Fox by Geoffrey Chaucer, Barbara Cooney

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One of the most delightful fables in our heritage is the story of the proud cock and the wily fox who flattered him. Chaucer told the story with vigorous rhythm and singing words; Barbara Cooney has adapted it for children and illustrated it with pictures as handsome as a medieval herbal.

King of the barnyard, Chanticleer struts about all day. When a fox bursts into his domain, dupes him into crowing, and then grabs him in a viselike grip, Chanticleer must do some quick thinking to save himself and his barnyard kingdom.

Winner, 1959 Caldecott Medal
Notable Children's Books of 1940-1970 (ALA)
Winner, 1992 Kerlan Award

Adaptation of the Nun's priest's tale from the Canterbury tales.

A sly fox tries to outwit a proud rooster through the use of flattery.

"The familiar fable of the vain cock and the shrewd fox skillfully adapted and presented in picture-book form. The excellent story-telling, the beautiful pictures with their rich, sparkling colors and authentically detailed medieval background, and the clean-looking handsomely designed format make this a truly distinguished book."-- "BL."

Often referred to as the father of English poetry, Geoffrey Chaucer was a fourteenth-century philosopher, alchemist, astrologer, bureaucrat, diplomat, and author of many significant poems. Chaucer's writing was influential in English literary tradition, as it introduced new rhyming schemes and helped develop the vernacular tradition--the use of everyday English--rather than the literary French and Latin, which were common in written works of the time. Chaucer's best-known--and most imitated--works include The Canterbury TalesTroilus and CriseydeThe Book of the Duchess, and The House of Fame.

Barbara Cooney is one of the most well-loved authors and illustrators of children's books today. She has won many awards for her books, including the American Book Award and two Caldecott Medals for Illustration. Ms. Cooney lives in Damariscotta, Maine.

Target Age: 4-8


Pub Date: November 01, 1982

0.15" H x 9.96" L x 7.62" W

44 pages


Pub Date:  January 01, 1958

0.41" H x 10.37" L x 7.7" W

44 pages