Cards for Calm

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Cards for Calm is a therapy tool that teaches positive thinking using mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), visualization, and creative thinking. 

Play Mindfully.

The deck includes over 20 pairs of Question and Answer cards. Each Question card outlines a common problem that can cause anxiety. The Answer card looks deeper into the issue, then guides the user through visualizations they can create to change their emotional response to the situation.

Born out of depression and funded by Kickstarter, Cards for Calm can be used individually to analyze and change behavior.  Now used by therapists, counselors, addiction centers, schools, educators, and social workers.

Positive Perspectives.

Meet negativity and anxiety with calmness and strength.  CBT techniques help identify inaccurate or negative thinking by working through scenarios ahead of time to develop prepared, positive responses.  Respond to challenging situations in more effective ways.  

Think Differently.

It can be a struggle to break out of learnt patterns of thinking.  Cards for Calm retrains the brain by identifying fun and creative visualizations that allow people to block unhelpful patterns of thinking and develop more effective strategies.  Addresses problems such as confrontation, lack of motivation and trouble focusing. 

Start your day mindfully by choosing to place the deck on your phone before going to sleep. Instead of picking up your phone in the morning, play a card instead.

Made in USA.  Designed in California.  Printed in Kentucky using sustainable forest paper and vegetable-based ink. 

Cards for Calm