Butterfly Coloring Book (Dover Nature Coloring Book)

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This treasury of detailed, accurately rendered illustrations (including two double-page spreads) invites coloring book enthusiasts to bring over 40 species of butterflies to life in vivid color. Here are such delicately beautiful creatures as the black, salmon-orange, white and blue painted lady, the rapid-flying dogface butterfly, with wing markings that look like a poodle's profile, and a host of others: pipevine swallowtail, monarch, buckeye, white admiral, olive hairstreak, Milbert's tortoiseshell, great spangled fritillary, ruddy daggerwing, fiery skipper, mourning cloak, tiger swallowtail, red admiral, and many more, all of them found in the United States or Canada.

Fact-filled captions provide information about each species' coloration, range, habitat, special characteristics, and more. All are shown in full color on the covers. An excellent source of nature illustrations for artists and craftspeople, this delightful coloring book can also be used as an accurate, inexpensive nature identification guide.

Jan Sovak is an illustrator, designer, and fine artist recognized as one of Canada's foremost natural history illustrators. With advanced degrees in both fine art and zoology, Jan has had his work published in over 170 books in more than 15 languages. His illustrations have also appeared on educational television and on Discovery Channel Worldwide.

Table of Contents:

Phoebus Parnassian
Pipevine Swallowtail
Tiger Swallowtail
Zebra Swallowtail
Sara Orangetip
Dogface Butterfly
California Dogface
Orange-barred Giant Sulphur
Ruddy Copper
Colorado Hairstreak
Great Purple Hairstreak
Olive Hairstreak
Blackburn's Bluet
Orange-bordered Blue
Common Blue
Little Metalmark
Gulf Fritillary
Zebra Longwing
Chalcedon Checkerspot
Question Mark
Mourning Cloak
Milbert's Tortoiseshell
Painted Lady
Red Admiral
White Admiral
Red-spotted Purple
Lorquin's Admiral
California Sister
Blue Wing
Ruddy Daggerwing
Canada Arctic
Arizona Skipper
Long-tailed Skipper
Fiery Skipper
0.2" H x 10.95" L x 8.25" W
48 pages