Blooms & Dreams: Cultivating Wellness, Generosity & a Connection to the Land

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Luxury travel writer and influencer Misha Gillingham left the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles for a quaint island in the Pacific Northwest so she could get back in touch with what matters most. With the help of stunning photography, she shows how you, too, can cultivate a life of wellness, generosity, and connection to the land.

Misha Gillingham is a luxury travel writer turned farm girl whose story has won over the hearts of fans worldwide. In Blooms & Dreams, Misha shares not only what brought her to Evergreen Acres, a farm on Bainbridge Island in the Pacific Northwest, but also all of the wisdom she has gleaned over the years as she and her family put down roots.

While leading readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the farm--from her ever-evolving flower garden to the menagerie of animals who keep everyone in good spirits--Misha reflects on her own transformation and shares how joy can be found by contributing to your local community and fostering a deep connection to the land itself.

Blooms & Dreams will inspire readers from all walks of life to consider building a life centered around wellness, giving, and a connection to the land, be it a small patio garden or an entire farm.


"In this paean to a farm called Evergreen Acres on Washington State's Bainbridge Island, former Los Angeles resident Gillingham and her family document nature's seductive beauty with glorious color photographs and help from the 35 animals that accompany them on the farm .... The true heart of the book is buried near its end, with Gillingham's narrative of her 'giving garden, ' which provides about two thousand pounds of organic foods to food banks yearly; there she zeroes in on the whys of charity. As the pandemic has inspired many to acknowledge and even pursue dreams of more laid-back existences, readers will appreciate this very personal glimpse into a redirected, well-channeled life."--Barbara Jacobs "Booklist" 

"... the real appeal lies in the gorgeous visuals that offer a peek into her lush and gorgeous estate. Cottagecore enthusiasts will page through this with sheer delight."-- "Publishers Weekly"


Misha Gillingham used to live a fast-paced lifestyle, traveling the world reviewing and writing about luxury hotels. After a battle with cancer and a daughter diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Misha and her family realized some major life changes were in order. She now finds happiness in creating a home base with a purpose. Health, wellness, and community service are the goal. She lives in Bainbridge Island, WA.

Gibbs Smith

Pub Date: August 16, 2022

208 pages