Birding by Ear: Eastern and Central North America

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Dumetella carolinensis
(p. 248)
Disk 1: track 2: time 3:56
Habitat: Dense thickets and undergrowth. This bird often sings from
its preferred habitat and thus stays out of sight.
Voice: Song a disjointed medley of harsh, squeaky, and nasal phrases
with occasional sweet notes. Each phrase is normally given only once.
Call note: A harsh, catlike meeoow; also a harsh, crackling series
of notes.
Text and narration copyright (c) 1990 by Richard K. Walton and Robert
W. Lawson. Reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Company.

Table of Contents:


2 MIMICS p. 11 Northern Mockingbird Brown Thrasher Gray Catbird 3 WOODPECKERS p. 13 Downy Woodpecker Hairy Woodpecker Red-headed Woodpecker Red-bellied Woodpecker Northern Flicker Pileated Woodpecker Belted Kingfisher 4 SING-SONGERS p. 16 American Robin Scarlet Tanager Summer Tanager Rose-breasted Grosbeak Red-eyed Vireo Yellow-throated Vireo 5 HAWKS p. 19 Broad-winged Hawk Red-tailed Hawk Red-shouldered Hawk 6 CHIPPERS AND TRILLERS p. 21 Swamp Sparrow Chipping Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco Pine Warbler 7 HIGH-PITCHERS p. 23 Cedar Waxwing Brown-headed Cowbird Eastern Kingbird European Starling


Disk 2 1 WHISTLERS p. 25 Northern Cardinal Tufted Titmouse Baltimore Oriole Eastern Meadowlark Field Sparrow White-throated Sparrow 2 OWLS AND A DOVE p. 29 Great Horned Owl Barred Owl Eastern Screech-Owl Mourning Dove 3 SIMPLE VOCALIZATIONS p. 31 Great Crested Flycatcher Acadian Flycatcher White-breasted Nuthatch American Woodcock Green Heron Black-crowned Night-Heron Ring-necked Pheasant 4 COMPLEX VOCALIZATIONS p. 35 Bobolink House Wren American Goldfinch 5 NAME-SAYERS p. 36 Whip-poor-will Chuck-will's-widow Black-capped Chickadee Carolina Chickadee Eastern Phoebe Eastern Wood-Pewee Killdeer Northern Bobwhite 6 WARBLING SONGSTERS p. 40 House Finch Purple Finch Warbling Vireo Orchard Oriole 7 COMMONERS p. 42 Canada Goose American Crow Blue Jay House Sparrow Red-winged Blackbird Common Grackle Song Sparrow


Disk 3 1 WOOD WARBLERS AND A WARBLING WREN p. 46 Black-and-white Warbler Ovenbird Kentucky Warbler Carolina Wren Hooded Warbler Common Yellowthroat Yellow Warbler Northern Parula Black-throated Green Warbler American Redstart 2 THRUSHES p. 52 Wood Thrush Veery Hermit Thrush 3 UNUSUAL VOCALIZATIONS p. 54 Ruffed Grouse American Woodcock American Bittern 4 MISCELLANEOUS VOCALIZATIONS p. 56 Chimney Swift White-eyed Vireo Eastern Bluebird Eastern Towhee


HABITAT GROUPINGS Eastern Forests 5 Forest Edges Blue Jay Wood Thrush Gray Catbird Downy Woodpecker Eastern Wood-Pewee Rose-breasted Grosbeak Eastern Phoebe Great Crested Flycatcher Red-eyed Vireo American Goldfinch 6 Forest Interiors Ruffed Grouse White-breasted Nuthatch Broad-winged Hawk Ovenbird Barred Owl Hairy Woodpecker Veery Black-throated Green Warbler Black-and-white Warbler House Wren Scarlet Tanager 7 Throughout American Crow Baltimore Oriole Red-tailed Hawk American Robin Eastern Screech-Owl Common Grackle 8 Freshwater Wetlands Swamp Sparrow American Bittern Red-winged Blackbird Green Heron Belted Kingfisher Black-crowned Night-Heron Canada Goose 9 Southern Forests Red-bellied Woodpecker Summer Tanager Tufted Titmouse Carolina Chickadee Orchard Oriole Kentucky Warbler Hooded Warbler Yellow-throated Vireo Pileated Woodpecker Acadian Flycatcher 10 Northern Forests Cedar Waxwing White-throated Sparrow Black-capped Chickadee Purple Finch American Redstart Hermit Thrush Warbling Vireo Dark-eyed Junco 11 Hedgerows And Thickets Northern Bobwhite Song Sparrow Common Yellowthroat Brown Thrasher Northern Mockingbird Yellow Warbler White-eyed Vireo Northern Cardinal Carolina Wren 12 Old Fields And Open Fields Eastern Kingbird Eastern Meadowlark Field Sparrow Ring-necked Pheasant Bobolink Killdeer American Woodcock 13 Oak-Pine Woodlands Red-headed Woodpecker Red-shouldered Hawk Chipping Sparrow Pine Warbler Mourning Dove Chuck-will's-widow Northern Parula Eastern Bluebird Northern Flicker Great Horned Owl Whip-poor-will Eastern Towhee 14 Urban Parks Chimney Swift Brown-headed Cowbird House Finch House Sparrow European Starling
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ROGER TORY PETERSON, one of the world's greatest naturalists, received every major award for ornithology, natural science, and conservation as well as numerous honorary degrees, medals, and citations, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Peterson Identification System has been called the greatest invention since binoculars.



Pub Date:  April 04, 2002

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