Bird Trivia: Funny, Strange and Incredible Facts about North American Birds by Stan Tekiela

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Incredible, Outrageous, Unbelievable Facts About Birds!

You love birds. They're beautiful. They're graceful. They're a wonder to observe. Yet even seasoned bird watchers don't know everything about our feathered friends. Acclaimed naturalist, author and award-winning wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela has taken a deep dive into the magnificent world of birds--and you won't believe what he's uncovered!

Why do some birds like to cover themselves with ants? Which birds can mimic the sounds of humans? Why don't woodpeckers get concussions? In Bird Trivia, you'll discover plenty of amazing tidbits you didn't know that you wanted to know about birds. Paired with Stan's famous bird photography, the information provides hours of enjoyment. You're sure to impress your friends and family with all of the knowledge contained in this book!

Table of Contents:

The Magnificent World of Birds

Funny Bird Behaviors

Wild Adaptations

Record Holders

Rare and Exceptional Birds

Wait, What's That Bird Called?

Birdsong, Calls and More

Amazing Anatomy

Feats of Flight

Migration Hall of Fame

All About Nests

Babies on the Way!

Rearing the Chicks

Enjoying the Birds in Your World

About the Author

Naturalist, wildlife photographer and writer Stan Tekiela is the author of more than 175 field guides, nature books, children's books, wildlife audio CDs and playing cards, presenting many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, trees, wildflowers and cacti in the United States. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural History from the University of Minnesota and as an active professional naturalist for more than 25 years, Stan studies and photographs wildlife throughout the United States and Canada. He has received various national and regional awards for his books and photographs. Also a well-known columnist and radio personality, his syndicated column appears in more than 25 newspapers and his wildlife programs are broadcast on a number of Midwest radio stations. Stan can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. He can be contacted via

Adventure Publications

Pub Date: October 09, 2018

0.4" H x 7.1" L x 5.1" W 

80 pages