Between Mom and Me: A Mother and Son Keepsake Journal

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A must-have shared mother-son journal for the pair that's seeking fun, creative ways to connect with one another. With thoughtful prompts, coloring pages, challenges, and free creative space, Between Mom and Me is the perfect love-filled Mothers Day gift!

This engaging prompt journal is the perfect tool to build mother-son relationships. Kids can record memories, swap stories, compare perspectives, and explore common and unique interests with their moms! Interactive lists and letters back and forth invite both mom and son to reflect, write, and doodle about topics timely to their lives as kids, build self-confidence, and improve their penmanship.

With Between Mom and Me, together you and your child will:

  • Answer Thought Provoking Questions: What are your thoughts on kindness? What would we do if we had the whole day together with no work of chores?
  • Record Memories: One of my favorite traditions is; our favorite thing about the season is...
  • Compare Perspectives: What were you like when you were my age? Do you ever feel pressured or uncomfortable about anything online?

Between Mom and Me is a very special journal that's meant to be shared between mother and son. While you're writing, drawing, and doodling, you'll be connecting with those you love in an all-new way. If you're looking for a fun activity kit for kids look no further! You'll never lack things to do as a pair when filling out a Katie Clemons Journal!

Let's Celebrate Your Story.

"The Secret to Getting Your Teen to Talk"--Wall Street Journal

"So cute and thought provoking. My 8 year old son thought this was the best gift ever. I look forward to all the secrets and fun stories we are going to share with each other." --Mary Lee, Florida USA

"I absolutely love this journal. My 13 year old adopted son has attachment issues that stem from trauma from his early childhood. This is an excellent way for us to bond." --Kathleen, Indiana USA

"I ordered four journals [by Katie Clemons] recently, one for each of my children (ages 6-13). I knew my girls would love them, but my boys are reluctant writers, so I hoped they would tolerate the journals as part of their homeschool day. Well, both of my boys (ages 8 and 13) LOVE these journals! My 13 yr old son told me "This is the most awesome writing thing ever!" and didn't even wait until our school semester started before we had begun writing in our "Mom and Me" journal.It's pretty cool when your teenage son can't wait to do a writing project with you!" --Heidi, Ohio USA

"I bought the mother/son journal to do with my 13 year old. I am thrilled that I will have this keepsake. Memories not just from my perspective, but from my son's as well. Simply awesome." --Laura, Texas USA


Katie Clemons is an avid storycatcher, mom, and fifth generation Montanan whose super power is asking questions. Her mission-Let's celebrate your story!-began in elementary school when Katie craved a consistent, fun way to capture and write her stories. Today, she's a No. 1 bestselling author who's shared her story on HGTV's "You Live in What?," given a TEDxTalk, created a storycatching community, and received numerous awards and press for her innovative approach to journaling. Katie and her journals have been featured by media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping and Pregnancy and Newborn.  Katie's work helps both children and adults celebrate their life stories and nurture deeper bonds with their families while finding greater joy and gratitude. Find Katie and share her storycatching discoveries at or @katierclemons on social media.

Target Age: 8-13

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Pub Date: March 01, 2019

0.6" H x 7.9" L x 5.6" W

144 pages