Beginner's Guide to Safely Foraging for Wild Mushrooms

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Forage for wild mushrooms with confidence


There are thousands of mushroom species native to the woods, fields, and forests of North America, but how do you know which are safe to eat? This beginner's guide will help you discover the diverse and fascinating world of mushrooms and where to find them, so you can enjoy nature's bounty.


  • A beginner's field guide--Learn what makes wild mushrooms unique and nutritious, and discover the tools and techniques you need to collect them safely.
  • 30 mushroom varieties--Find detailed descriptions and photos to help you correctly identify 30 commonly found, edible mushrooms like chanterelles and lion's manes--plus 5 toxic mushrooms to always avoid.
  • Earth-friendly harvesting tips--Master sustainable harvesting practices, and learn the proper way to store and enjoy your harvest.


Get down and dirty with this safe guide to mushroom foraging.

"As a scientist, clear, concise communication is extremely important to me which is why I love Karen's book. She gives the all necessary details a novice needs to begin foraging wild amazing mushrooms on their own. My favorite bit is her inclusion of specifically when to seek these fungi in different parts of North America. This will save people time, effort, and frustration." -- Dr. Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen, author of Outdoor Adventures Guide Foraging, creator of, Ph.D. chemist

KAREN STEPHENSON is a writer, researcher, wild food recipe developer, and expert wild food educator. She's a certified Master Naturalist, Chartered Herbalist, and certified nutritionist.

Rockridge Press

Pub Date: November 15, 2022

 0.5" H x 8.4" L x 5.5" W

134 pages