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Believe it or not, the beaver is actually a rodent! Made up of two different species, the North American beaver and the Eurasian beaver, this buck toothed mammal can be found throughout Canada and the continental United States, as well as some parts of Europe and Asia.

History: Famous for cutting down large trees and using the wood to build both dams and their homes, beavers are a species of mammal that can be found near river ecosystems. In the areas they're endemic to, beavers are a keystone species because the wetlands they create are vital to the survival of many different types species.

Scientific Name: Genus Castor Characteristics: With a mouth full of twigs and branches, this beaver is carrying wood back to build up its dam! Expertly crafted and painted by hand, our beaver toy figurine features life-like scientific detail. Size: At 4 inches long and 1.35 inches tall.

Made in China

Safari Ltd.