Bears: The Mighty Grizzlies of the West

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An up-close look at the powerful, notable grizzly bears--legendary apex predators of the American West.


The mighty North American brown bear, most often referred to as the grizzly, is an iconic symbol of power and strength. Mostly found in the Western United States and Canada, the still-endangered bruin has made strides into a tenuous sustainability. The strikingly beautiful photography, and the essay woven through the pages of Bears: The Mighty Grizzlies of the West, showcases this beautiful, smart, and incredible species. Julie Argyle explores their behavior, their family dynamics, and what it means to be a grizzly in the wilderness of the greater Yellowstone area. She includes stories about individual bears: Raspberry and Snow, The Beryl Sow, The Obsidian Sow, Snaggletooth, and 791 (a famous boar), and looks at the issues of increasing conflicts between humans and the grizzlies and what the future holds for them.

"Wonderful book. Beautiful photography and a lovely human story. Julie shows a deep passion and understanding for one of natures wonders. I particularly enjoyed the Elk story which really surprised me. As a UK resident I had no idea Bears would take down such massive prey. I think I assumed they just fished!"--Dan Fridd "Bookbugs and Dragon Tales" 

Julie Argyle is a professional photographer who has spent 40 years observing and photographing grizzly bears, along with other wildlife, within the Rocky Mountain West. Her photography business, Wild Love Images, has grown to capture the lives and stories of much of the wildlife in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Julie is an active voice for their preservation and protection. She lives near Ogden, UT.

Gibbs Smith

Pub Date: September 21, 2021

0.94" H x 12.05" L x 10.24" W

224 pages