Barn Owl Figurine

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The most widely distributed species of owl in the world, the common barn owl can be found in every type of environment except for polar and desert regions. They can easily be identified by their unique heart-shaped face and striking white and brown plumage. History: Barn owls are incredibly common throughout most of the regions they inhabit and are classified as an animal of least concern on the conservation status spectrum.

Historically, many cultures considered the barn owl to be evil or demonic omen. Because of this, they've earned many nicknames including the demon owl, death owl, and ghost owl. Don't worry, you have nothing to fear from this beautiful creature!

Scientific Name: Tyto alba

Characteristics: Painted by professionals and expertly sculpted, our barn owl toy figurine is exceptional as a piece of décor, toy for play, as a teaching aid, and much more! The barn owl does not hoot like other species of owl, but instead lets out a piercing shriek.

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