Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk

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This interactive, take-along nature book turns a day at the beach into a learning adventure, with search & find challenges, sand games, and at-the-beach science and crafts.

Jacket Description/Back:
Look, Listen, Explore!


Head to the beach with this hands-on field guide and discover fish, rocks, shells, crustaceans, shorebirds, and more. How many colors of seaweed can you find? Can you walk like a crab? What do shells feel like? Spot a sea star and count its arms! Includes create-your-own beach log, 90 stickers, and a real magnifying glass!

Review Quotes:
"Education and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk is a great way to inspire kids to explore their local waters, and show them how those waters are connected to an incredible global system worth protecting." -- Kristen Sarri, president and CEO, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation


"This activity guide encourages children to spend time freely exploring, learning, and playing at the beach, making it a wonderful resource for anyone who wishes to help the children in their life build a strong connection with nature." -- Gary Clayton, president, Mass Audubon

Table of Contents:
Nature Field Guides
Sand & Stones, Sea Stars, Shorebirds, Shells, Seaweed, Tide Pools, Crustaceans, Fish, Marine Mammals, Jellyfish, Tracks, Coastal Plants


Beach Fun & Games
Sand Games!, Build a Sand Castle, Sandpiper Says, Fun with Shells & Stones, Make a Sundial, Build Some Beach Critters, Marine Mandalas


Seaside Hunts
Listen Up!, Smell It!, Touch It!


Discovery Zone
Water & Waves, High Tide Low Tide, Watch a Crab Grow, Marine Habitats, Ocean Food Web


Plus! My Beach Log & Beach Patch Stickers

Pack up sandcastle-building supplies, sunscreen, and this take-along activity book! In the second book of the Backpack Explorer series from the Editors of Storey Publishing, little beachcombers are encouraged to discover all the wonders of saltwater oceans and freshwater lakes, from identifying shorebirds to learning about the life found in tide pools to listening to the waves and watching the tides.


Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk is packed with prompts and activities, including 12 interactive field guides (for shells, jellyfish, and more), sensory scavenger hunts, science experiments such as a Stick Sundial, games, and simple projects including food chain match-ups and driftwood fish. Equipped with a real magnifying glass, stickers, and a beach log for recording shoreline sightings and adventures, this book is the perfect takealong for any beach adventure.


Also available in this series: Backpack Explorer: Bird Watch and Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail.

Storey Publishing, located in North Adams, Massachusetts, specializes in books on natural health and wellness, farming, sustainability, food, gardening, crafts, nature, and children's activities.

Target Age: 4-8

Storey Publishing

Pub Date: April 09, 2019

0.6" H x 9.2" L x 7.4" W

48 pages