Adventure Log (Twig & Moth)

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A Kid’s Adventure Log!

This little perfect bound 6” x 9” Adventure Log has 110 pages of 55 lb paper with 50 (front and back) pages for recording information on the wide ruled lines. (Pencils and color pencils are what will work best for log entries and sketches. Markers and paint will bleed through!)

"An adventure can be almost anything or anywhere. Seeing an experience as an adventure is more a matter of mindset (and a little imagination), than where you actually go. It could be a family vacation, a hike, a camping trip, a visit to a local park, school field trip or just stepping out of your own back door!"

This simple and easy to use Adventure Log was designed with children ages 9-13 in mind (but of course can be used by any age!).

The log entry pages each have space to enter the date, location, weather conditions, companions, notes and an area to make a quick sketch or map. The following pages have been included in the front of this adventure log:

• A place to record the owner’s name.

• Map it - How making a map can help you remember details and use your imagination.

• Possible things to pack.

• Plants to avoid.

• How to use this log.

Again, the pages are printed on 55 lb paper and markers and paint will bleed through. Pencils and color pencils are what will work best for log entries.

Twig & Moth