Snowy Owl: A Visual Natural History by Paul Bannick

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The Snowy Owl--also known as the Arctic Owl, Snowy White Owl, and White Owl--is one of the most easily identified but least understood owls in the world.


Award-winning author and photographer Paul Bannick delves into the natural history of this owl species, including the latest research, providing readers with comprehensive yet accessible looks at their preferred habitat, hunting and feeding behavior, mating and nesting actions, owlets and fledglings, and more.


I have yet to encounter one [a wildlife photographer] who better captures the magic and beauty of the natural world. I was absolutely blown away by his two recent books - Snowy Owl and Great Gray Owl.  No tame, game-farm birds in these spectacular collections or in any of Bannick's work. He immerses himself in the wild and brings his viewers and readers along with him.--Ted Williams, wildlife journalist

This beautiful book follows Bannick's bestselling titles, The Owl and the Woodpecker and Owl, providing fans with another emotionally rich photographic portfolio and engaging, informative text.

Bannick is immersed in study of his subject. He has produced unprecedented display pictures of Snowy Owl mating rituals.--Joel Connelly "Post Alley"

Throughout each narrative, [Bannick's] time in the field observing and photographing these enigmatic birds comes to life in evocative, experiential passages.-- "Midwest Book Review"

Although the two books [Snowy Owl and Great Gray Owl] are most impressive for their outstanding photographs, they incorporate natural history information, first-person accounts of the author's owling experiences and sections on the birds' conservation statuses and what we can do to help.--Nancy Lord "Anchorage Daily News"
PAUL BANNICK is a wildlife photographer specializing in the natural history of North America with a focus on birds and habitat. Coupling his love of the outdoors with his skill as a photographer, he creates images that foster the intimacy between viewer and subject, inspiring education and conservation.
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128 pages