Walking by Henry David Thoreau

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Walking, now again considered to be an important form of exercise, was the activity from which Thoreau examined man's relationship with nature. In this charming little book, Thoreau treats his subject as if it were a walk itself. As he wanders, so do his thoughts. Thoreau walked both for exercise of mind and body and as a way of exploring his inner and outer worlds. 

Jacket Description/Back:  A meandering ode to the simple act and accomplished art of taking a walk. Profound and humorous, companionable and curmudgeonly. Walking, by America's first nature writer, is your personal and portable guide to the activity that, like no other, awakens the senses and soul to the 'absolute freedom and wildness' of nature.


American author, naturalist, philosopher, and leading transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) is best known for his book Walden and his essay Civil Disobedience. His lasting contributions to American literature focus on natural history, self-sufficient living, and individuality.

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64 pages