To the Moon: The Tallest Coloring Book in the World

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Climb up to the moon with this amazing fold-out coloring book, the longest in the world!


Color an amazing tower, all the way from your house down on the ground, past dragons, witches, space ports, and flying elephants, to reach the moon at the very top!


Grab your pens and let's get going! Can you climb all the way to the moon? Hours of fun for coloring enthusiasts of all ages.
Sarah Yoon grew up in a southern city in South Korea and moved to Philadelphia in 2007 with her family. As a youngster she became intrigued with Batman and Superman comics and the world of visual arts. Fast forward a dozen years and Sarah started drawing and painting her own character art. Her imaginative scenes are the compiled product of dreams and visual thoughts. She loves to explore new mediums but her main tools are pen and ink, watercolor and sometimes acrylic. Sarah graduated from Pratt Institute of Art and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
0.5" H x 13.5" L x 8.5" W 
14 pages