The Little Red Ant and the Great Big Crumb: A Mexican Fable retold by Shirley Climo, Francisco Mora

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"A satisfying Mexican version of the rock-scissors-paper fable, accompanied by simple but expressive pictures. A tiny ant finds a crumb too heavy to lift and begs help from the lizard, who is so strong he can blow down an anthill. The lizard refuses, however, for he is cold and must wait for the sun to warm him. The ant finds a creature stronger than the sun, the rooster, and then discovers that the rooster is afraid of the coyote, who fears the man, who in turn respects the stinging power of the ant. When the ant puts all these events in order, she lifts and carries her own little burden with confidence. Mora's watercolor pictures zoom down to the insect's level, eliminating most details and leaving only the subtle shading of animals' bodies, leaves, and corn stalks. The Spanish words sprinkled throughout can usually be understood in context, but a glossary is appended just in case." - School Library Journal

0.14" H x 10.06" L x 7.79" W

39 pages