Draw Like an Artist: A Self-Portrait Sketchbook by Patricia Geis

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How would you draw yourself if you were Vincent van Gogh? Pablo Picasso? Or Frida Kahlo? Draw Like an Artist offers examples of self-portraits from eighteen masters, accompanied by thought-provoking questions and a matching canvas. The result is a fun-filled artistic journey for young artists of any skill level to create self-portraits in the style of different artists, and then finish with their very own composition.

"A brilliant way to open up kids' eyes and minds about the many ways to be creative." -- Psychology Today-- 

Patricia Geis is a graphic designer, an illustrator, and the author of Meet the Artist! series: Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder, Henri Matisse, and Vincent van Gogh. She lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Princeton Architectural Press

0.3" H x 11.4" L x 9.0" W

48 pages