The Adventure Idea Box for Kids - Take a Tour of your Town

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Take a tour of your town!  

With the Adventure Box, you will find yourself visiting nature trails, a variety of specialty shops, various entertainment venues, everyday places, and all-around fun places in your community. Your child will have fun discovering new places as well as rediscovering old ones!

Are you and your kids looking to get out of the house for a few hours? Have them choose a couple of coins from The Adventure Box and head on out!

After your child chooses a coin from the box, you can fly by the seat of your pants and go….OR…. you can have your child do a little research on where you are going.  What is the history? Is it a new place or an old place? Who do you think usually visits that place? Does it cost money, or is it free? How do you need to dress when you visit? Do the pictures on the website match what you see in person? How far away is it? How will you get there? What will you need to bring with you?  Even young children can do research!

It would also be fun to start a little in-town travel journal, or pin your visits on a city map.

Here are just a few of the places you will find in the box:
•Ethnic Restaurant
•Cupcake/Doughnut Shop or Bakery
•Berry, Fruit or Veggie Picking
•Record/Music Store
•Local Museum

The Adventure Box also makes a great gift for kids that are moving to a new town. Choosing a destination and researching it is a fun way for them to get to know the place they have moved to. This box is also perfect for when you have children that come for a visit…choose a few coins and take them on a tour of your town!

AGES: 3-10
PLACES: 60 Places to Visit
COINS: 30 natural, wood coins, each measuring 1 ½ inches round
BOX SIZE: 4.75x2

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